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  2. Lake Erie College Department of Theatre presents Comedian and Satirist Bassem Youssef

Lake Erie College Department of Theatre presents Comedian and Satirist Bassem Youssef As seen on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

On October 4, for one show only, comedian and satirist Bassem Youssef will perform at Lake Erie College in Painesville, OH. Youssef is known as “the Jon Stewart of the Arab world” because of his popular TV show El-Bernameg – which was the first political satire show of its kind in the Middle East. Originally a 5-minute show on YouTube, El-Bernameg became the first online-to-TV conversion show in the Middle East, and the most watched show across the region, with 30 million viewers every week. Youssef hosted the show from 2011 to 2014. Tickets for the performance can be reserved here.

Youssef used social media to showcase his talent and his show gave a voice to the millions of Egyptians who were seething with anger from the traditional media's coverage of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

El-Bernameg (which literally means “The program”) received wide acclaim around the world with coverage in some of the biggest media outlets, topping it off with Youssef’s appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart twice in June 2012 and April 2013. When he launched El-Bernameg, he had to give up his first job, which was as a heart surgeon.


• In 2013, Youssef was named one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” by Time magazine and one of Foreign Policy magazine's “100 Leading Global Thinkers.” • In November 2013, Youssef's role in the media was recognized by the Committee to Protect Journalists, which awarded him with the International Press Freedom Award, along with three other journalists. • Al Bernameg was chosen by South by Southwest, one of the largest international interactive festivals, as the first and most successful internet-to-TV conversion story in the Middle East. Al Bernameg's YouTube channel was the first channel in the MENA region to reach one million subscribers and was awarded the Golden Play Button trophy.


Youssef will spend the day on campus visiting with groups of students, both in and out of class, culminating with his performance at 7:30 pm. His visit is hosted by Professor Jerry Jaffe, who runs the Theater Department and Comedy Studies programs. Every year, Jaffe brings professional comedians to campus, but he is particularly excited to have Youssef at the College. Jaffe commented, “besides being hilarious, we can’t overestimate Youssef’s impact on contemporary satire.”

Youssef is currently based in New York City. He tours doing stand-up comedy while making various media appearances and maintaining an active social media profile. His Instagram account has over 3 million followers.

On October 4, Youssef’s performance begins at 7:30 pm in C.K. Rickel Theatre inside Royce Hall for Fine and Performing Arts. Free, convenient parking is available in the lot adjacent to Royce Hall, with the entrance off Gillette Street.

Due to limited seating, advance reservation is advised. There is no charge for tickets, although the theatre does accept free will donations. Ticket reservations are limited to 2 per transaction.